Our benefits

Ready to work with the Rakuten Aquafadas teams? 10 reasons to join the adventure!

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1.Diversity is our strength
there are 16 different nationalities and 14 languages spoken amongst our colleagues.
2.We have a new, cutting
edge office and we are proud to be the 4th’s of the Rakuten companies to obtain the “Rakuten Crimson House” label.
3.We’re part of one of the world’s biggest group Rakuten
but we still think like a startup!
4.“Suggestion box” could define us
we’re the biggest European R&D center inside the Rakuten Group. Your ideas, creativity and knowledge are welcome!
5.We like a good nap
tatamis directly from Japan are here to help us re energise during lunch break.
6.Homemade cakes are our péché mignon
it is our tradition! For special events, birthdays, new arrivals, departures and more. Who could say no to a yummy cake?
7.Putting a spotlight on skills of our colleagues is important to us
we created a special blog series titled “Decoding technical jobs”. Maybe you’ll be the next one?
8.Sharing moments is essential
every Monday morning we attend “Asakai” (aka “morning meeting” in Japanese). It’s designed to help connect, discuss strategy, news and projects between all our Rakuten Europe colleagues.
9.We care about the environment
we try to integrate as much as possible of the CSR values by working with local NGOs, recycling cigarette butts and by sorting our waste!

Last but no least, the reason to join us is

that we need a talent like YOU!